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What plants can grow indoors without sunlight

Everyone knows that plants need sunlight to grow. They use sunlight to make energy that fuels their growth.  If you have a desire to experience the joys of growing plants indoors but don’t have enough or any sunny spots for them you need to ask What plants can grow indoors without sunlight?

what plants grow indoors without sunlight

There are many plants that can grow indoors without sunlight.  These plants will need some indirect sunlight.  Indirect sunlight is the kind of light that you might have in a room during the day.  For the most part, if your room is bright enough that you can read a book without light then there is enough light for these plants.


Here is a list of my 10 favorite plants that grow without sunlight indoors


Bromeliads indoor plants grow without sunlight

These are perfect plants for low light conditions. They actually prefer low indirect lighting.  Direct light can cause yellowing leaves and slow growth.

Bromeliads are tropical plants with lovely flowers in a variety of colors.  They do very well in containers and don’t need much attention.  Dry soil, varying temperatures, and low levels of nutrients don’t bother these plants.


Maidenhair fern.

indoor plants grow without direct sunlight

These are very pretty ferns.  Maidenhair does well with an hour or 2 for direct sunlight a day or a few hours a day of bright indirect sunlight.

You will need to mist the plant often if you live in a dry place.  These ferns love indirect sunlight, moist soil, and high humidity.  Since these plants don’t like to be dry they will do best in a bathroom window.


Creeping Fig

what plants will grow indoors without sunlight

I love the colored leaves on the creeping fig.  The white and green add some dimension to your indoor garden.  Creeping figs are fast-growing plants that can do well in indirect sunlight.

Keep the soil moist but not very wet.  They need consistent watering and monthly fertilizing.



plants that grow without sunlight

This has always been a classic indoor plant.  They come as both vine and shrub forms.  Philodendron does very well in low light.  Actually, full sun can quickly burn the leaves.

A fun thing about growing vine Philodendron is that it does well when you train the vines to grow in interesting ways.  Whether you grow them tall, around a favorite picture, or along the ceiling they can add green and interest to your space.


Money plant as known as Devils Ivy and Golden Pothos

indoor plants without sunlight

Money plants are also great climbers that can be grown in lots of interesting shapes.  They are known for their ability to clean the air.  This makes them a wonderful addition to any home.


Lucky Bamboo

what indoor plants grow without sunlight

A great compact plant that does well with indirect sunlight.  Lucky bamboo is said to attract positive energy and good fortune.  They stay small enough to be a nice addition to your deck or end table.


plants growing without sunlight


This is another great tabletop plant that does well with little or no direct sunlight.  Peperomia is also on NASA’s list of best plants for air purification.  They are easy to care for since they require very little watering preferring to have their soil dry out before watering.


Spider plant

growing plants without direct sunlight

A ubiquitous house plant for good reasons.  Spider plants grow well with indirect sunlight, great air purifier, and looks beautiful in hanging baskets.

Aloe Vera

indoor plants

Aloe Vera is another very popular low-light house plant.  There are some studies that say that Aloe Vera is the most grown house plant in the US.

I must confess that I have killed more of these plants than any others!  My best advice is don’t overwater and keep out of direct sunlight.  Mine plants have always struggled when I have them in a sunny window.

Chrismas or Thanksgiving cactus

what plants grow indoors without sunlight

Thanksgiving cactus is the easiest of any plant you can grow indoors.  I was given one that I did not really have space for so I put it in a corner until I could give it away.  The cactus grew to double its size quickly and with no effort, little water, and almost no sunlight.  It has now become one of my favorite plants!

The best way to ensure beautiful blooms every late fall is to keep them out of the sun.

Indoor plants growing with fish

If you want to learn how easy it is to grow house plants using water from a fish tank please read “How to use fish to grow the best indoor plants”.

Indoor grow lights

If you are interested in adding some grow lighting try LED light tape.  I love it and use it in lots of places.  Check out my latest video on how to use it

I hope this inspires you to try growing your own indoor garden even if you don’t have a lot of sunny windows.  You can always find a plant to thrive in your space.




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