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The right way to grow rosemary indoors

Rosemary is a wonderfully fragrant herb to grow indoors.  I also think Rosemary adds a bit of variety to an indoor garden because of its unique needle leaves.  So what is the right way to grow rosemary indoors?

The right way to grow rosemary indoors Flowering rosemary

Rosemary has been used in cooking and healing for centuries.

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Just a little interesting history of rosemary

Rosemary, translated from Latin as ” dew of the sea”, is native to the Mediterranean and a member of the mint family.

It has long been used as a symbol of friendship, loyal and remembrance. Mourners traditionally carry Rosemary at funerals. Brides carry Rosemary as a symbol of love and fidelity.

It has been used as far back as the Greek and Roman times in cooking and as a healing herb.

How you grow rosemary indoors.

How to grow rosemary indoors Growing rosemary indoors

Space to grow rosemary indoors

In spite of the nice little plants you see at the grocery store, rosemary is basically an evergreen shrub.  It will grow to an average of 3’ tall and just as wide.  You can keep it trimmed to fit in a smaller space or you can let it grow to its natural size.


Rosemary loves drier clay soil. It does best in soil not too rich in nutrients.  Add sand to your potting mix to keep the plant well dried and less rich than typical herbs like.  I love to grow with hydroponics but given rosemary’s love of dry soil it doesn’t do well in hydroponic systems.

Helpful tip: if your rosemary does not flower, it is a sign that the soil is too rich.

Sun needed to grow rosemary indoors

Rosemary loves heat and sun.  Keep you plant in the sunniest spot you have but not in a drafty window.  It will do fine with artificial grow spectrum lighting.  Check out light guidelines here    In the winter I put mine plant in a sunny widow closest to my wood stove.

Starting a new rosemary plants indoors

How to grow rosemary indoors Growing rosemary in containers

Rosemary is very slow growing.  It will take up to two years to grow to its full size.

Starting rosemary from seed is difficult.  It will take as much as 25 days to see the first signs of growth.  I have read stats that say only about 30% of seeds actually grow.  I have never been able to achieve a plant from seed.

There is an easier way.  Rosemary will grow nicely from a cutting.  Choose a new growth area.  You want a cutting that is not very woody.  Place the cutting in water.  It will take about 3 weeks to see roots enough to be confident that the plant will root in soil.  Don’t be concerned if it takes a couple of weeks to start to see new growth.  Remember that rosemary grows slowly.

Ready to use

How to grow rosemary indoors Rosemary

You can take cuttings for use in your favorite recipes at any time.  Make sure you don’t strip the plant. Always leave more to continue to grow than you take.

Your rosemary will continue to grow and give you lots of great tasting herbs for years.  The right way to grow rosemary indoors is easy with a little planning.

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