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How To Grow A Plant With The Help Of A Tea Bag

The amazing tea bag

Tea is a favorite of many people. No surprise it’s a favorite for your plants too. The amazing tea bag holds nutrients that your plants need. Using a tea bag is an easy way to get nutrients to your plants and find a useful way to recycle used tea bags.

The amazing tea bagThe amazing tea bag

Tannic Acid

There are many uses for used tea bags in your garden. Tea naturally has a perfect balance of all the nutrients most plants need. Tea is also high in tannic acid which is great for plants of all kinds.

According to the USDA researchers, the binding quality of tennis can help immobilize metals like aluminum and lessen their toxic effects on root growth. Tannins can also help free up nutrients such as calcium for plants use.

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Lower PH

I tested both black tea and green tea. They test with a PH level of 5.4 and 5.6 respectively. Most plant like levels between 5.5 and 7.5. So adding tea bags can bring the levels to the acidic end of the chart.

The amazing tea bag?Black tea or green tea

Make sure you always test the PH levels in your soil. This is important whether or not you decide to use tea bags. Tests are easy and inexpensive.

Keep in mind that adding some tea will not suddenly drop the PH of the whole container or garden area. However, if your specific plants prefer higher PH you can still enjoy the benefits of tea by adding a little baking soda. Baking soda will raise the PH of the soil.

Is the amazing tea bag safe for the garden?

There are many websites that talk about the plastics that some tea companies use in their bags. The plastic can be harmful to your plants. USA Today did a good article explaining the hazards of some plastics in tea bags. The article talks about tea bag safe for drinking tea as well as composting.

If you have tea bags that contain plastics simply take the tea leaves out of the bags before adding them to the soil.

For the best information about your tea bag check directly with the company. Many companies have changed to natural bags in recent years.

Tea in your soil to keep cats away

We all know that cats find your plants a perfect place to hang out. Cats and lots of pests dislike the smell of tea. Sprinkle some tea leaves on the soil around your plant and your cat will find a different place to be.

cat sleeping in plantsCats don’t like tea bags

Compose bin

The amazing tea bag are great in the compost bin. All the nutrients and tannic acid are a natural way to help build healthy compost. Mixing tea into household compost will help neutralize the PH. Worms also seem to love tea. Compost bins with tea tend to have lots of worms.

Adding directly to the soil

You can sprinkle tea leaves around the base of your plants or you can put the tea bag into the soil near the roots.

The tea nutrients will be slowly released into the soil. The amazing tea bag can fertilize your plant for a month depending on the amount of watering

Using the amazing tea bag as a seed pod

You can start seeds right in a tea bag. Cut a small hole in the bag. Place a seed right into the tea. Put the bag in your favorite seed starting area and treat as you would any time you start seeds. I put them on a tray with a heating pad.

The amazing tea bagGrowing with tea bags

When the seedling grows to about 2″ and has good roots, take the tea bag with the seedling and plant it directly into your pot or garden. The tea will continue to provide nutrients to your plant.

The amazing tea BagThe amazing tea bag

The learn more about building great compost from kitchen scraps like tea bags visit kitchen worm composting

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