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Start tomato plants from cuttings

Did you know that you can expand your tomato garden in just a week?  You can if you start tomato plants from cuttings.  It is super easy and will save you lots of money.

Start tomato plants from cuttingsTomatoes

Starting tomato plants from cuttings is simple!

  • Take a cutting from the your favorite tomato plant.  Suckers work best.
  • The cutting should be 6-7 inches and have at least two full leaves
  • Place the cutting in water and put it in a sunny place.
Start tomato plants from cuttings Tomato plant rooting in water
Within a week you will have lots of roots.  Plant the cutting the same way you would plant any tomato plant.  If you are using hydroponics, you can start the cutting in a net cup or put it in after it roots adding rock wool to stabilize the main stem.



5 reasons you should start tomato plants from cuttings

  • It makes successive plantings easily
  • Grow more of your favorite plant without the need to seed-saving
  • Grow tomato plants using hybrid tomato plants. Seed saving is not an option on hybrids
  • You just don’t want to deal with seeds
  • Save money. Buy one tomato plant and take cuttings to fill your garden!

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Successive planting

Successive planting is a great way to ensure that you can have your favorite fruits and vegetables through the season. Even enjoy throughout the year if you plant indoors.

How it works is that let’s say you decide that you need 8 tomato plants to have the right amount of fruit. You can plant two early in the spring, two late spring, two early summer, and two mid-summer.  This will help spread out you harvest throughout the whole season.  You will have stead source of fruit.

Rooting is an easy way to accomplish this.  When it is time to do your next planting, simply take a cutting, put it in water and a week later plant it.

No seeds or seed saving… Start tomato plants from cuttings instead.

It can take a lot of planning if you are starting from seeds.

This can eliminate the need and work involved in seed saving.  Tomatoes are perennial.  You can winter them indoors. The original tomato plant will live for years.

At the end of the season take a cutting from you favorite tomato plant.  Plant the cutting in a container. The plant can grow indoors through the winter. In the spring start your new garden from the container tomato plant. To learn more about growing tomatoes indoors check out my article container tomatoes

Starting tomato plants from cuttingsGarden tomatoes

Cuttings are Useful with hybrids

Hybrid tomatoes can be great plants to grow. If you are a fan of seed saving you know that you can not save the seeds to plant in the future. This is a real negative for many people.

You can ”clone” or use cuttings to regrow the exact same plants over and over.  Since a rooted cutting is in a sense a continuation of the same plant you will always produce the same hybrid plant.


Instead of starting from seed use cuttings

Many people don’t have space, equipment or time that is needed to start tomatoes from seed.

With cuttings, all you need is a glass of water and a sunny window.

Saving money! by starting tomatoes with cuttings

Often in the spring, I don’t have the time to start from seeds. Or the time gets away from me and I discover that it’s late to start for spring outdoor planting.

I end up going to the garden shop and purchasing tomato plants. This can be very expensive!

You can have an endless supply of tomato plants for FREE when you use cuttings from the plant you already have.

Potential negative

It has been reported that each generation of plants will produce a little less fruit than the parent plant. This is not a hard fact just a general observation.

The best way to avoid any potential problem is to take cuttings for the original plant when possible instead of the rooted plants. If you keep one “mother” plant and stock your garden with cuttings from that plant you will see very little decrease in fruit.

I hope you to start tomato plants from cuttings. Let me know how it works out for you.

For a list of tomato varieties and the best ones to grow check out Gardener Supply

Thanks for reading.  Please comment, like and share!


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