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Indoor Planting

Planting indoors

So you drive by the nurseries and see all the beautiful plants or you jump on Facebook and see tons of posts with wonderful gardens, but you cant enjoy plants of your own because you live in a small apartment or condo.  Or maybe you are just not outdoorsy.  There is an easy solution: Planting indoors.

planting indoors

Planting indoors is a great idea for lots of reasons

Plants can truly improve your brain.

A plant can help you concentrate and improve productivity.  According to a University of Michigan study, planting indoors can improve memory by 20%.


Indoor plants can reduce stress

According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology taking care of and being around indoor plants can reduce stress.

They can add positive energy to any space.  If you are feeling down an indoor plant can cheer you up.  Being surrounded by nature makes you feel better.

indoor planting
Growing plants help keep you happy

Improve the air in your house by planting indoors

Nasa research says that indoor plants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxins.  So take a deep breath of clean air with indoor plants.

Good for kids too

Kids of all ages can find a plant the will interest them.  Toddlers can grow plants.  They will enjoy quick growing flowers like marigolds.

Older kids can grow flowers with their favorite colors  or grow their favorite vegetable.

Teaching kids that they can grow most anything will help them develop a love and respect for nature.

kids growing plants
Kids love to grow things

Easy indoor planting ideas to start with

If you don’t think that you have a green thumb then it is best to start with the basics.

Spider Plants

These plants are on the list as top indoor plants that will clean air according to the NASA list.

Easy to grow.

Spider plants work well as a hanging plant or just on a plant stand.  The “babies” are simple to transplant.  You can use babies to increase your plantings indoors.  Soon one spider plant will give you a whole garden.


Aloe Vera

These are great for air cleaning and easy to grow.

The best part of growing Aloe Vera is that you can use the leaves as first aid for burns and skin problems.


Tropical plant the is easy to grow indoors.  These lush green plants can live happily in low light conditions and are tolerant of irregular watering.


Great for air purification.  They will do well in any kind of lighting conditions and can tolerate variety of heating.

Holiday, Christmas or Thanksgiving, Cactus

Super easy to grow.  Prefers low light and doesn’t  need much watering.

The best part is that when its starts to get cold and wintery this beautiful plant comes to life with lots of pink or red flowers

Planting edible  indoors

I much prefer using my indoor space to grow things I can eat.  Indoor vegetable gardening is easy.  It is a great way to add some fresh vegetables to your diet without much effort.

Micro Greens

These can be almost any kind of vegetables but usually lettuces, spinach, broccoli or sunflowers.  Micro greens are very young plants that are full of vitamins and nutrients.  They are ready just days after planting .

They don’t need much room and most bright windows will be good enough to grow micro greens.  For more specific growing information check out “What are micro greens?”

All Lettuces and greens

No need to ever buy lettuce, spinach, kale and other greens.  You can easily grow any of these in a small space with little effort.  They do require good lighting however a bright window will work well.

They grow within  about a month or 2 depending on the variety.  A great thing to try to see if planting indoors is a good fit for you.


Planting carrots indoors

You may be surprised but growing carrots indoors is simple.  And nothing is as good as garden fresh carrots.

To grow carrots indoors you just need a deep planter or pot.   You can grow mini or short carrots if you don’t have a deep container.

These grow in a few months and don’t take much effort.  A grow light or a sunny spot will do.


Lemon, Lime or Orange Trees

These are larger than most of the things we have talked about already but if you have the space they are great indoor plants.

You can grow these trees in a large container.  You will need to keep them watered well.  Citrus does like hot and humid conditions however I have had great success growing indoors in a cold climate.

Great bonus is fragrant fresh fruit all year in your home.

All herbs of course

All herbs can be grow in small pots indoors.  You can have a kitchen garden with all your fresh herbs growing ready for your favorite recipes.

Don’t stop at basil and cilantro, try garlic, ginger or other more exotic plants.  They all grow will indoors.


hanging shoes

Creative ideas: indoor planting does have to be boring

You don’t need to make your indoor garden boring.  Gone are the days that you can only put a pot on the windowsill.  There are hundreds of creative ways to show your personality in your garden.

An easily, inexpensive and eco friendly way to grow indoors is to use old thing as plants.  Nearly anything can be a good planter.

Just remember these important things when choosing to use recycled things as planters:

  • make sure water can drain effectively
  • beside that the roots will have room
  • if you are planting edibles then make sure that  the container doesn’t have toxic properties

For more information about how to recycle this as planters read “recycling containers for indoor gardening”

For even more fun when planting indoors try aquaponics!

You can try aquaponic for a twist on indoor planting.  This is when you use fish water as a growing medium for your plants.

With aquaponic you can plant directly over the tank or you can cycle the water from the fish tank to your plants and back.   It is a really easy and fun way to grow great indoor plant and vegetables.

Read “How to use fish to grow the best plants”.  

I hope this inspired you to try and planting indoors because you don’t need a yard to have a great garden.

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