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Indoor Garden Ideas

Indoor Garden Ideas for Beginners

Are you thinking about starting an apartment garden? Growing indoor vegetables and other plants is a great way to bring out your unique style. Indoor garden ideas for beginners will help you get started on your journey to growing plants inside.

Indoor garden ideas for beginners
Indoor garden ideas


Think outside the box…or pot!

Container gardening does not have to be boring. Indoor gardening allows you to have great flexibility and fun in your space.
You can grow your plants in almost anything that will hold soil. Use your personality to make your garden unique.

Unique planter indoor garden
Recycle planter

Are you a runner? You can use old running shoes as a planter for your favorite plants.
The same is true for any footwear.

Do you love high heels? Use those.

Shoe indoor gardens
Plants in a shoe

What about old hiking boots, ski boots, or ballet shoes? These would all work!

No shoes, how about a hanging shoe rank?
An inexpensive and easy to find hanging shoe rank makes a wonderful “living Wall”.

Are you a whiz in the kitchen?
You can use measuring cups, bowls, and pans as planters. Colanders, teacups, and teapots are all possibilities.

Its spring!  Time for you to get your perfect seed starter

sow good naturally

Use a spice rack as a “living spice rack” by planting your favorite herbs or spices in spice jars and put them on the rack.

Even an old soup can is a fun planter to put in your kitchen.

A fan of wine or specialty beers?
You can grow many plants by putting fresh cuttings in a bottle with water. This works very well with many herbs.

Toys, jewelry boxes, toolboxes all make fun and unique planters.

The thing that you need to remember is that you can use almost anything that fits your space and personality to make your indoor garden. Don’t just settle for the traditional.

For more about how to chose a container for upcycling please read more here

Space for your indoor garden

You need to think about the space you have for your apartment garden adventure.

Just like when choosing a container, you should think about your space in new ways.

We all know that you can grow plants on a sunny windowsill. Bookcases are another good traditional space. However, you can grow plants in all kinds of spaces.

There are many cool shelves available. Why not put one an interesting shelve in an otherwise boring space. Near the ceiling, in a dark corner, above your bed, and in your bathroom are good spaces to think about.

Wall hanging garden
Wall hanging garden

You can use plants as a room divided by putting a bookcase with no backing where you want the room to divide. Put plants on the shelves to add beauty and privacy to space.

Start small, adding a new plant or two whenever you get inspired. Before you know it you will have a beautiful indoor garden.

What to grow

I love to grow food. I have lettuce, carrots, beets, etc growing all over my space. Try growing some vegetables among your more traditional house plants. Vegetables add different textures and colors to any apartment garden.

Basil indoor garden
Basil apartment garden

The important thing is to grow what you love, what makes you smile, and what keeps your interest.

Easy things for beginners to Start and Grow in an indoor garden:

The important practical thing you need to know for your indoor garden.


    • All plants need lighting to grow.
      There are so many lighting options available to fit any space.

Rope lights

    pendant lights
    bar lights
    • puck lights

    • These are just some of the options.
      Regardless of what style of light you chose, it is very important that you use “grow lights” or “full-spectrum” lights. Your plants will not care how bright the light is. Plants need a certain type of lighting. Always use lights that will help your plants grow.
      For more on lighting please read more about how to choose the right lighting for your garden


For truly unique Grow Lights Please visit our Etsy Store

LED Grow Light
HandMade in the US by a small business


Another thing to remember is that whatever kind of container you chose, it must allow the water to drain. Plants don’t like to grow in the mud. so make sure you have drain hold in your containers.

You need to reach your plants.

The final thing that you need to remember while thinking about creative places to grow your garden, you need to reach the plants. It is great to put plants in fun places. Make sure that those places allow you access to water and maintain the plants.

Micro greens indoor garden

I hope this has inspired you to try something new. Whether you are an experienced gardener or an indoor garden beginner, don’t be afraid to try new plants and new places.

Please like, share and comment.  I really appreciate it!

For inspiration to start a hydroponic garden read “2 Easy DIY hydroponic gardens”


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