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Self Water Plant System

How to water plants while away

Travel is back!  But many of us now have beautiful indoor gardens.  The big question is how to water your plants while away?

how to water plants while away

It would certainly be a bad end to any vacation to come home to dead plants so here are some easy and cheap ways to ensure that does not happen.

Watering plants while away

Upcycling plastic bottles

An easy way to water your plants is to use a recycled water or other plastic bottle.

What you will need:

  • a plastic water bottle with screw cover
  • a nail or drill to poke holes

How to make a self watering system from a bottle:

  • Simply take your nail and pock a few holes into lid.  I heat the nail first to make it easier to go through the plastic.
  • Then full the bottle with water and quickly turn it upside over the hole you made in the soil.
  • But the bottle deep enough that it will not fall over

Your plants will stay watered for more than a week depending on the size of the bottle.

This is the best system I have found for large pots, window boxes and hanging plants.

A couple of things to know;

Make sure that your soil is well watered before you but the bottle in the soil.  If the soil is dry then you will use a lot of water up right away.

Test this system for a few days before you leave so that you will know how much the bottle drains.  You can adjust the size or number of bottles if you need to.

The wicking system

Another way to water your plants is with an old fashion wicking system.

What you will need:

  • a glass or other container for water
  • cotton rope like a clothesline

How to make a watering system from clothesline:

  • put a large container of water next to your plant
  • coil some clothesline into the water.  If the rope does not stay on the bottom then tie a weight to the end to keep it down.
  • put the other end of the rope around the base of your plant and cover with some soil.

This is a good way to water multiple plants with the same system.  However make sure that all the plants are next to the container of water.  If you put the pots too far away then the cotton rope will dry before the water can reach the plants.

Things to remember;

It is always best to start with well watered soil.  Also just to give the system a little extra effectiveness to get started keep the water container above the height of the pots.

Give your plants a bath of water while away

This system can be great for longer vacations and for larger groups of smaller plants.

What you will need:

  • large plastic tubs or container, size will depend on how you set up your plants.

How to make a self watering tub for your plants:

  • place the tub on a solid surface.
  • put your plant pots into the tub.
  • fill the tub with water

Important! Make sure that the drain holes at the bottom are not covered.  Elevate the pots a little bit with popsicle sticker or something else that will allow a small gap under the pots.  This will allow the water to be absorbed from the bottom drain holes into the soil.

Depending on the size of your tub and the amount of plants in each, this system will keep your plants health for a long time.

You can do this with plants as a group or put individual water container under each plant.

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Thanks for reading!  please like, share and comment.  I appreciate it.

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