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How to easily start an indoor herb garden

Growing your own fresh herbs is easy and can inspire new recipes. At one time I seldom used anything beyond salt and pepper. The only thing I knew about herbs was that dusty spice rack that my mom had but never used. Then I learned how easily start an indoor herb garden. Now I use herbs in all my cooking.

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How to easily start an indoor herb garden How to easily start an indoor herb garden

Then I started growing herbs. I pick the standard herbs that you find in most herb gardens; basil, thyme, rosemary, and mint.

I was hooked! I found myself looking for new recipes to use the herbs. They added such a bright burst of flavor.

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So how do you start an indoor herb garden?

First, figure out how much space you have.

The beauty of herbs are they don’t take up much room. They do well on a window sill, a corner table or a high shelf.

How to easily start an indoor herb garden Herb garden indoors

The thing to remember is don’t put them too far out of reach because you need to be able to get to them for watering and picking.

They also need light. Full natural light is best but grow lights will work fine. Grow lights allow you much more flexible. Check out my posting about indoor grow lighting to get the basics. Clink here

Next, which are the best herbs to grow indoors?

Start with something that you like. What have you eaten that was memorable?

If you don’t know what different herbs taste like, try growing from a list of your favorite type of food.

How to easily start an indoor herb garden How to easily start an indoor herb garden

Do you love Italian food? Try growing oregano, parsley, basil, and thyme.

Are you a fan of Chinese cuisine? How about ginger, cloves and green onions.

Thai food? Then try cilantro, mint, basil, and coriander.

My favorite must-haves include rosemary, chives, sage, and tarragon

How to plant a container garden

You should plant each type in a separate pot even if you then put them together into a larger planter. Not all plant types need the same care and grow at the same rate. Having them in separate pots will allow you to keep each plant happy.

Should you start with seed or cuttings or a plant?

Seeds are the cheapest way to go. You can by a seed package for under $3 and most will grow 30+ plants.

How to easily start an indoor herb garden Seeds to start an indoor herb garden

Seeds take some special care and extra time. Many seeds take several weeks to look like a reasonable size plant that you can start to use. If you do start from seeds don’t forget to take advantage of seed sales and use seed saving tricks to get the most out of every package.

Cuttings. Most plants can be started by cuttings. I find it a great way to start plants. If you have friends that are growing an herb you like to ask them for a cutting. Put the cutting in water. Within a few days to a few weeks, you will see roots. Plant your cutting and within a few more weeks you will be enjoying fresh herbs. Check here for a complete guide to growing herbs from cuttings staring with supermarket herbs.

SAGECuttings to start an indoor herb garden

Buy plants. If you want an instead herb garden, buying plants is a great way to start. It can be a little costly but worth it if you want to start enjoying herbs right away.

ORGANIC CILANTRO Buying plants to start an indoor herb garden

However you start your herb garden and whatever you decide to grow I hope you will discover new flavors and a new hobby.

Check out a list of the 12 best herbs to grow indoors including basic growing instructions. Clink here

Also check out easy vegetables to grow indoors Clink here

Thank you for reading how to easily start an indoor herb garden. Please like, share and comment.

How to easily start an indoor herb garden How to easily start an indoor herb garden


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