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How Much Can I Harvest From Container Vegetables

harvest from container garden?

When planning your indoor garden, the biggest question is: What is the size of harvest from container garden?

How much can I harvestHow much can I harvest from container vegetable

Outside gardens usually have much more room than indoor gardening.

When container gardening, space and using that space is of ultimate importance. So this becomes a very important question when growing vegetables indoors.

Here is a list of the most common container vegetables with the answer to the question

How much can I harvest from common container garden?


How much can I harvest from container vegetable How much can I harvest tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most common vegetables in any garden. They are often grow in containers on balconies. The upside down tomatoes hanging on porches and balconies have become very popular the last few years.

Have you ever considered growing tomatoes indoors? If you haven’t then you should!

There are lots of varieties of tomatoes, so we will talk in general terms. Check the seed package to fine tune for your plant.


Tomatoes need height more than width. I find a 5 gallon bucket works perfect for any tomato plants. Most tomatoes will need about a 2’x2′ space. They will need lots of height. Tomatoes can grow 5-6′ tall.

How much food can I harvest: tomatoes

On average a tomato plant will give you 10 pounds of tomatoes! That will be about 30 tomatoes. There are many varieties, like cherry tomatoes, that will produce much more.

Because you are growing indoors the “season” is truly all year so you should expect to harvest that kind of yield three times a year.

Lettuce and other greens

How much can I harvest How much can I harvest lettuce

Lettuce is a great vegetable to grow indoors. There are hundreds of varieties of lettuce and small greens. We are talking again in general terms. This includes lettuces, spinach, kale and any other leafy greens.


Lettuce can do very well on a shelf, a wall hanger, windowsill or any small space. It is a great plant to grow is small pots all around the house. Most greens do well in a 4″ pot. They do need a little height. Some greens like kale can grow a foot or more tall.

Greens in general don’t like heat but they do need light. A sunny windowsill or a full spectrum grow light will do fine.

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Try mixing lettuce plants in different spots around the house. They are small and colorful and fit almost anywhere.

How much food can I harvest: lettuce and greens

Most lettuces and greens can be picked a few leaves at time. You can typically harvest 3-4 leaves per plant per week. Each plant will give you about one pound of greens over 3-4 cuttings. So 10 plants will give you about 10 pounds of greens over a month.

Stagger planting a few new plants a month for a continuous supply of greens.


How much can I harvest How much can I harvest peppers

Peppers are great to grow in containers. Again there are so many great varieties but they all have the same general needs and yields.

Check “The complete guide to growing peppers” for everything you need to know to grow great container peppers.


Peppers love a hot spot with lots of sun. So pick a warm spot. most peppers don’t need a lot of room. They do well in a 8″ pot. In general the plant will need about a 1’x1′ area and will grow 3′ high. Check your seed package to know for sure what your variety needs.

How much food can I harvest: peppers

Bell peppers will grow 6-10 peppers per harvest.

Jalapeño can produce 30-40 peppers per harvest.

Since you will be growing indoors they will flower and fruit around 3 times a year. You can control the “harvest” by nipping off some flowers to spread the fruit out more evenly throughout the year


How much can I harvest How much can I harvest cucumbers

Many people don’t think of cucumbers as an indoor plant. However cucumbers can be a great indoor container vegetable.

With the popularity of container gardening, the seed companies have developed several different cucumber varieties that are specifically for containers. The plants need much less space but grow full size fruit.


Cucumbers, the container varieties, need at least a 12″ pot and do best in full sun. If you don’t have a window that gets enough sun you can supplement with a grow light.

The full plant will do best with a solid 2′ circle to grow in.

Cucumbers will be among the biggest space requirements but how can you have a garden without them!

How much food can I harvest: cucumbers

Most container cucumber plants will grow 10-15 cucumbers per harvest. You can get 3-4 harvests per year.

Just like some other indoor vegetables you can spread the fruit out more evenly thought the year by removing some flowers.


How much can I harvest How much can I harvest broccoli

One of my favorites to grow indoors. Garden fresh broccoli is so good. And it is pretty easy to grow. Broccoli doesn’t like it hot. Low to mid 70s so don’t grow it on a hot deck, patio or attic space in the summer.


Broccoli doesn’t need a lot of space. A 12″ pot is a good size. Your plant will need some side space, a 2′ circle is plenty. They will get tall, 2 to 3 feet. Full sun or every a little shade would work well.

Broccoli is a great plant to stagger plant. If you start a new plant every few weeks you can have a new plant to harvest as the old one stops producing.

How much food can I harvest: broccoli

You will get one large head then several weeks of small heads. You can produce 1 -1 1/2 pounds over the life of the plant.

Bush beans

How much can I harvest How much can I harvest bush beans

Bush beans are made for containers. They are easy to grow and tasty to eat.


Bush beans will grow in a round shrub shape. The plant will be a 1 1/2 ‘ ball.

How much food can I harvest: Bush beans

Bush beans produce beans all at once so staggered planting is a good idea if you want beans through the year.

You harvest will be about 120 beans per plant. Many plants will give you 2 harvests.

How much can I harvest from container vegetable How much can I harvest from container vegetable

For more information about things you need to grow indoors, please check out my other postings. You will find information about lighting, soil, compost, hydroponics and aquaponic.

Many seed companies like Burbee and Johnny seed have great information about specific types of seed.

Find your favorite and give it a try!
thanks for reading how much can I harvest from common container garden.

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