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Green Onions Growing

Grow green onions from the supermarket

I love growing things that I will use. So when I found myself buying green onions at the supermarket on a regular basis I thought…Can I grow green onions from the supermarket?

The answer is yes you can grow green onions from the supermarket easily

According to the University of Nebraska, green onions are among the easiest onions to grow. They have an interesting article about all kinds of onions and the differences in growth.

The onions you find in the supermarket and those you find as seed onions in the garden stores are essentially the same. Garden store onions, however, are typically more expensive and not as easy to find year-round.

As always, start with organic green onions if available. If there are no organic onions available to you, you can still use supermarket onions. You will need to take one extra step. Many produce distributors spray growth inhibitors on vegetables before they get to the supermarket. You will need to rinse the vegetables thoroughly before you plant them. Over night in a cool container of water is best. Then rinse.

Green onions from the supermarket Supermarket onions

Once you choose your green onions, the steps to grow an endless supply is simple

Wash and cut your onions

Regardless of organic or not, you want to rinse the green onion roots.

Then cut the greens off, leaving about 2″ of green plus the roots.

Let them sit in water while you prepare the container.

Supermarket green onions Cuttings of green onions

You can grow green onions from the supermarket in most any container

Onions don’t take up much room. They can grow easily in small containers. Water bottles cut in half, yogurt containers, milk bottles or other small containers are perfect.

You can also plant green onions in containers with other plants. Companion plant green onions with lettuce, herbs, beets, sweet peppers, and spinach.

Tomatoes are a good companion crop with onions.

Don’t plant green onions in the same containers with peas, beans or asparagus.

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Green onion container soil

Onions have heavy nitrogen needs for the best growth.

Use good organic soil. Or plant in a mixture of compost and a medium that will help lighten up the compost and help drainage like perlite or vermiculite.

For more about the topic of good container soil read organic vs non organic potting soil

Light requirements

Onions can do well with filtered sun. A windowsill is great because a little shade is fine for onions. As long as they get at least 4 hours of sun a day they will be happy.

Unless you are growing in the complete shade there is no need to give your onions a grow light.

Step by step how to grow green onions from the supermarket

I like to use the plastic egg cartons because they hold the onions up and the containers fit nice on the windowsill.

The bonus of the plastic egg containers is that they act as a greenhouse. This can help to keep the roots warm if you are growing in the winter.

  • Punch holes in the side of the outside egg cover.
  • Cut holes in the top of the middle egg covers
  • Place soil in the outside egg covers
  • Fold the middle over and add a bit more soil
  • Close the three parts together
  • Plant one green onion through the top hole
  • Water lightly and place on the windowsill

The plastic cover which ends up on the bottom will act as a saucer. You can leave a low level of water in the cover/saucer to help wick water up to keep the soil moist.


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  1. LOVE GROWING THEM HYDROPONICALLY! I do this quite frequently. I do notice however after about the 4th-ish cut and grow back they do tend to get pungent. But it’s well worth the effort to grow them this way.

    1. Thanks for the information! I love hydroponic but have never grown green onions that way. I am going to give it a try. Thanks!

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