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Grow Green Beans Indoors

I have been asked several time Can green beans be grown indoors?  The answer is Yes.  Green beans are a staple in most outdoor gardens.  They can be a stable for your indoor garden too.  Let look closer at how to grow green beans indoors.

Grow green beans indoors

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that there are different varieties of green beans.  Different beans will have different needs.

What beans can you grow indoors?

There are two most common types of green beans: Pole beans and Bush beans.

Pole Beans

Pole beans may not be the right choice for most indoor spaces.  As the name suggests, pole beans are climbers.  These beans are vines.  They will grow as a long single main stem that can reach 15 feet tall!

The good news for indoor pole beans is that they only take about a foot in width over the 10-15 feet length.  That means that if you want to be creative and have a long space to fill such as over a long window or around the ceiling, pole beans could be a fun and tasty addition to your indoor garden.

Common Pole Bean varieties include:

Kentucky Wonder Pole AKA Old Homestead

These are one of the most popular kind of pole beans grown.  Kentucky wonder beans are know for their great flavor and stringless pods.

Climbing French

Popular in England, these plants grow pretty purple flowers and sweet stringless beans.

Purple Pole

One of my favorites!  They have a high yield, easy to grow, with sweet and tender stringless beans.  Plus they are purple!  how can you go wrong.

pole beans in containers

Bush Beans

Bush beans are just what they sound like.  These plants grow in a compact bush about 2 ft round.  The beans themselves are the same as pole beans without the vining plant.

This compact size make bush beans perfect for most any indoor space.  The plants no trellis or other supports are needed to grow.

Some good varieties include:


Blue Lake

This is an heirloom variety with long tender pods.  Pods come be up to 6″ long.


This is the one I use most often.  Easy to grow is cool rooms as well as warm.  The beans have a strong flavor that doesn’t get lost when cooking.

Purple Queen

Purple is the new green!  These are dark purple on the outside when growing.  The inside is green and the whole bean turns green when cooked

purple beans

How do you grow green beans indoors?

Light to grow beans indoors

Lighting is always a concern when planning and growing your indoor garden.

Most green beans varieties need at least 6 hours a day of full sun.   These plants, like most plants that have fruit, do not do well in the shade.

The 6 plus hours of full sun can be achieved in different ways.  If you have a full sun south facing window then you will be able to grow wonderful plants.  However, if you have limited sunny options in your home, you can still grow a great indoor garden.

Natural sunlight can be supplemented with full spectrum grow lighting.  You can grow you green beans in a window with a grow light that comes on when there is limited sunlight at the window.  Putting the light on a timer or even using a sensor to regulate when the light comes on can save on your electric bill.

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If you are growing your indoor garden in a place with no natural light, you can still have a healthy garden by using growing.  The nice thing about growing without relying on the sun is that you are sure your plants are getting exactly what them need.

For tips on how to chose the right lighting please check out The Best grow lights for indoor gardens

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Soil and containers for indoor green beans

growing green beans in containers

Green Beans grow best in soil that is will drained and rich in compost.  Get a good vegetable container mix or other rich soil.

If you have soil that is not specially designed for container gardens then make sure that you add some material like sand or vermiculite to help with drainage.  Poor drainage is the most common cause of problems with growing green beans indoors.  Please read What does well drain potting soil mean

Green beans need some room to grow.  An 8″ container will done well for green beans.  Bigger containers are good however not needed and maybe harder to keep well watered.

PH for Green beans

The PH soil levels that green beans like best is between 6.0 and 6.8

Temperature needed for good indoor green beans gardens

Green beans have a pretty wide temperature tolerant range.  Most will continue to grow in temps as low as 50 degrees and as high as 85 degrees.  This makes green beans perfect for indoor growing as the is well within the range that most people keep their homes.

Soil temperature is important when first planting seeds.  The best soil temperature is in the 65-70 degree range.  Warm up your soil with a seed heating pad in needed.  This will insure your plant gets the best start.


Harvest your indoor green beans

Harvest time is the best time.  You can enjoy the benefits of all your care.


I have been know more than once to eat all the beans raw while harvesting them!  Few make it to the kitchen.

Fresh grown beans as much tastier than anything you can buy at the market.

The amount of beans will vary greatly with different varieties so check the packaging to find out how many plant will fit your needs.

In general the time from seed to harvest for green beans is about 2 months.

bean flowers

Try adding a bean plant or two, you may find that indoor green beans are among your favorites in your indoor garden.

Please let me know if you have any question.  Also please share all your successes


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