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Kids Gardening

Gardening with kids

Gardening with kids will start them on a life long journey of loving gardening and healthy eating.  In this time of kids learning from home, gardening with kids is a wonderful way to teach about healthy eating, the joy of gardening, and all the science involved with how a plant grows.

gardening with kids

4 Important things to remember when gardening with kids

  • Choose the easiest and fastest growing plants
  • Get kids their own tools
  • Let them pick out fun and unique planters
  • Take the opportunity to add in some science

Choose the easiest and fastest growing plants

Kids don’t always have the patience to wait for months to see things mature.  So in when teaching new gardeners try using fast growing plants to help keep the kids interested.


These have often been the go to flower for kindergartens.  Marigolds are fast growing, often just 8 weeks from seed to flower.  They come in many bright colors and are very easy to grow.

Sweet Alyssum

Alyssum is another great choose for flowering plants.   They go from seed to flower in typically around 6 weeks.  there are lots of bright colors available.  Sweet Alyssum are also know for their sweet smell.

kids gardening

Lettuce and Greens

Greens of any kind are wonderful for gardening with kids.  Grow leaf lettuce is fun because you can pick individual leaves as they grow.  Most varieties of lettuce and other greens will mature in as little as 45 days.


These little fast growing vegetables will help introduce kids to a world of root vegetables.


Pick whatever plants might interest your kids.  Any plant can make a great garden for kids.

Some plants that you might want to avoid would be anything like cactus or larger vegetables.  These will take a long time to have visible changes which may not keep kids interested.

Get kids their own garden tools

Kids will have more fun and take more pride of ownership in their gardening if they have their own set of “grownup” tools.  There are lots of kid size garden tool available.  They are not very expensive and will be well worth it.


Consider gloves, shovels, watering cans and buckets.  All will be a good introduction to bigger garden tools.

Let kids pick out their own fun and unique garden containers

You can use almost anything as a garden container.  From old toys to old shoes they have out grown, all make perfect plant containers for gardening with kids.

fun planters for kids

Have kids go through their room or the house finding things that are no longer needed or wanted.  This can be a fun and creative project.  Using up cycled containers is a good way to save money and will make the garden more fun.

Check out Indoor gardening for Beginners for more ideas about using recycled containers.

Take the opportunity to induce some science

There are so many opportunities to learn when you are gardening with kids.  Some of the things you can learn about include:

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What is soil made from?

There are many aspects of healthy soil such as good fungus, bugs and organs matter.

How do seeds grow?

Find the different part of the seed including the embryo, endosperm, and coat

What does a plant need to grow?

All plants need light, air and water to grow.  It may surprise them and you but plants don’t need soil at all to grow.

How lights help a plant grow?

What kind of light is there and which do plant need?  please check out Best lighting for indoor plants 

All the aspects of growing plants can be both easy to explain to young kids and real science for older kids.

kids gardening

These are just some of the reasons why you should try gardening with kids.  So while you are stuck inside and doing so home schooling try gardening.

Easy to start herb and vegetables

If you are looking for a fast start try these;

How to grow green onions from  supermarket onions

How to grow potatoes from supermarket potatoes

How to grow herbs from supermarket herbs

I hope you found this information helpful.  Please share, like and comment. I appreciate it!

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