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What Difference Pollination Makes To Vegetables

Common mistakes growing vegetables indoors

I love the idea of growing year-round indoors. I live in the mountainous and snowy area of southern New Hampshire. The scenery is beautiful however it’s not the best for growing, so I moved my gardens indoors. Having made lots of mistakes and have tried to learn from them all, I have a few common mistakes growing vegetables indoors I will share.


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Here are 3 mistakes common mistakes growing vegetables indoors

Pests will find your garden!

How to keep pests out of your indoor garden

Common mistakes growing vegetables indoors Common mistakes growing vegetables indoors

I never thought that bugs would bother my vegetables indoors. They do!

Aphids, gnats and even hornworms among others can be found munching on your indoor garden.

Please read my blog about gnats. Those little black bugs are tough but I tell you about some proven methods of dealing with them.


Aphids are the little white bugs that I most often find myself dealing with. They can usually be found on the underside of leaves. If gone unchecked you can wake up to discover you have hundreds eating away at your plants.

Luckily there is an easy and natural way to get rid of them and other bugs quickly. Neem oil is a fungicide, miticide, and insecticide. It kills a long list of things. And best of all it is approved for use in organic gardening!

If you use it at the first sign of a problem you can save yourself lots of headaches.

Don’t forget to be pollinate

How to pollinate an indoor garden

Common mistakes growing vegetables Don’t forget to pollinate

Many outdoor gardeners take it for granted that their vegetables will be pollinated. Indoor gardens need pollination too. This is a common mistake growing vegetables indoors.

When you are an indoor gardener you have to be your own bee!
pollination. It is not hard and takes only a couple of minutes.

If you don’t pollinate your flowers will not become fruit. Some types of vegetables will produce with pollination but the fruit will be very small.


This picture shows with and without pollination on the same plant.

Common mistakes growing vegetables Common mistakes growing vegetables

As you can see it can make a huge difference in your success.


Common mistakes growing vegetables Lighting is important

Lighting is crucial for healthy plants. A sunny window is a great start however a great garden needs 8 or more hours of light. Not having enough light is a common mistake growing vegetables indoors.

Added lighting is often the only way to truly grow vegetables indoors.

Don’t let lighting overwhelm you. There are simple and inexpensive ways to provide lighting.

The easiest way is to get a simple Full Spectrum Grow light with a typical screw base. You can put the bulb in a flex neck light. This will provide a great way to get started.

For great indoor lighting solutions Please visit our store

LED Grow Light
HandMade in the US by a small business

Make sure that you are using a Grow light with the right color range. 4,000 to 6,000k for growing leafy greens and plants. 3,000 k for fruits and vegetables. A red/blue grow light or a full spectrum grow light will cover both.

A normal household light bulb will not work regardless of how bright it is!

For much more details about lighting click here

Vegetable seeds

If you have found or been given seeds packages may still be good to use.  To check out if your old seeds are worth planting please read  “How long do seeds last”

These are the most common mistakes growing vegetables indoors. I hope this starts you off in the right direction. Thank you for reading. Please leave questions and comments, I really appreciate it.


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