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Buy end of season seeds in the fall

It is past season for most people to start a new set of seedlings. It is time that stores clear out the end of their inventory to make room for back to school things. Buy end of season seeds, the inventory clearing allows you to purchase seeds at steep discounts.  Have you ever wished that store would put stuff on sale when you need to buy it?  Well with a little planning they do.

Why to buy end of season seedsWhy to buy end of season seeds

This is when you can get the best deals on next year’s gardens.  Or if you are an indoor vegetable gardener, this is a good time to pick up a lot of extra seeds.  Most gardeners have a understanding of what works in their garden and what they are likely to plant next season.  Sale time is a perfect time for indoor gardens to grab up the deals.

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Seeds available now will still be good next season so buy end of the season seeds!

The seeds sold this year will still be good for months or even years to come.  Each package will have a ”packaged for” year on the package. This is a general date. This is not a plant by date. If the end of the season seeds are stored correctly,  you can have a successful crop next year or even the year after that.

Why to buy end of season seeds Check the dates on end of season seeds

After the date on the package, the germination rate will depend on factors including the type of seed and proper storage.  If you store seeds properly that date can be extended.  Many of the germination rates will not change significantly in a year if you store the seeds correctly.

Why to buy end of season seeds How to seed save end of the season seeds

Seeds need to be dry

You need to dry the seeds completely before you attempt to store them. If the seeds are holding moisture they can rot while in storage. Purchased seed packages are already for shorter term storage.  The best way to store seeds for long term use is to first make sure they are completely dry.  Most will be already however if there is any doubt then spend the seeds out on a paper towel, then cover with another paper towel and leave in a dark dry place for a couple of days.

Seeds should be kept in an airtight container

You need to keep your seeds in an airtight container. Many people like to use mason jars.   Be careful with mason jars.  They must be sealed air tight and keep in mind not moisture should be present.    

Seeds also need to be kept in the dark.

Light will shorten the shelf life.  It is important to keep your seeds in the dark.

A way to save space and keep your seeds dark and dry is to use food storage bags.

Why buy end of season seeds Saving end of season seeds

Place the seeds in a small food saver bag between a piece of a brown paper bag.  The brown paper will help keep the seeds in the dark.  Light can shorten the seeds shelf life.  Remove all the air and seal. These bags make labeling easy.

If you plant a small amount or don’t anticipate using all the seed you have at once, the bag method works great  The bags  make it easy to set aside a single planting group. This will allow the other seeds to stay in storage undisturbed.  The more often the seeds are exposed to vary light and air situations the shorter the life can be.

Place seeds in a cool, dark and dry place.

Seeds can be stored in the freezer, refrigerator or cool basement.  Seeds will store best in a cooler place because it will keep seeds in a dormant state.  Seed life can be extended for years in some cases if the seeds are truly dormant.

Wherever you decide to keep your seeds make sure that it has a relatively consistent cool temperature. The place is dark.  A place with low humidity is best.  The back of the refrigerator is a great place to keep your end of the season seeds safe until next year.  Just make sure that they are dark and sealed from air.

If you are thinking of using your seeds to start an indoor garden make sure you check out this article about things to remember when planting seeds indoors

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