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Dorothy from

I grew up in Boston and thought I would always be a city girl.  Then after college I discovered how beautiful New Hampshire is and have been here ever since.

Dorothy of momsindoorgarden

I have owned many businesses while raising my son,Jonathan, as a single mom.  And we have been homesteaders for years.  Jonathan raised rabbits and sold them to earn money to buy his first “grown up” bike.  We try to live simply and as independent as possible while having fun and learning lots along the way.

When Jonathan was 16, we started our first business together.    We designed and built custom greenhouses for small CSAs and homesteaders.  That lead to starting a hydroponic vegetable growing company.

hanging out with chickens

Now he has gone off to college and I have been spending my time writing, teaching and learning all I can about indoor gardening.  I have long been a fan of hydroponic and aquaponic growing.  And of course traditional soil growing is a must.

I hope people will find inspiration when they read my blog 

Thanks Dorothy

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