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Soil plant to hydroponic plant in 4 simple steps

Soil plants to hydroponic plant

Do you want to learn how to change soil plant to hydroponic plant in 4 simple steps….Do you want to try a hydroponic planter but don’t have the time or patience to start plants for seed?


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Soil plants to hydroponic plantsRosemary

The great news is that it is very simple to turn a nursery plant into a hydroponic plant.

Step 1

Remove the plant from the pot.

Soil plant to hydroponic plantRemove plant from pot

Step 2

Remove most of the soil

Soil plant to hydroponic plants Remove the plant from pot

Gentle break up the soil with your hand. When you have removed as much as you can without ripping the roots

Soil plants to hydroponic plantsRinse roots under water

Put the roots under warm running water and continue to remove soil

Soil plants to hydroponic plants Rinse roots under water

You can also swirl the plant roots in a water bath to help loosen the soil

Step 3

Put the plant into a net cup

Soil plants to hydroponic plants Open net cup

Take a net cup and cut two of the four bottom cross pieces so that you can bend the bottom out of the way. For large plants, you can also cup the cup down one side to open it up completely.

Put the plant into the net cup and gentle work the roots thru the bottom. When the roots are thru, push the bottom of the cup back into place.

Soil plants to hydroponic plants Put roots thru the cup

Put a few clay balls or some pieces of rock wool in the cup to support the plant.

Soil plants to hydroponic plants Plants ready to be put into hydroponic system

Step 4

Then put your new plant into your favorite hydroponic system. Most plants will adjust to their new environment very quickly.

Soil plants to hydroponic plants Hydroponic planter

Making soil plants into hydroponic plants is a great way to keep your planter looking great all year.

Please let me know if you have any questions about hydroponic gardening



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